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Going by the amount of time we spend at our desk, it is very important to organise it for optimum productivity. Interestingly, the ergonomics of our desk is not just about efficient working; it’s also essential for our wellbeing.

In case you’re wondering what to do with your workspace to increase your daily output, here are seven desk setup tips that can make a real difference on your daily tasks.

Desk setup tips to help organise workspace desk

Photo: Matthew Henry

The first thing you need to do is to declutter your desk. You can store items you don’t use regularly in the drawer and get rid of those with no use at all. This also includes limiting the amount of supplies you have on your desk.

Decluttering your desk makes things more visible and you don’t have to waste time searching underneath stacks when you need them.

Great job getting rid of those clutters! The next task is to position items on your desk in a way that allows for convenience and seamless workflow.

You should make a clear space on your dominant side for activities like notetaking and document processing. Frequently used items like your notebook, pen and phone can also be placed on this side. In addition, trays and desk organisers can as well save the day in your bid to keep your desk organised.

Setup tips to help organise workspace desk

Photo: Matthew Henry

Just like your car, everything you use regularly should be at arm’s length. Just imagine having to reach for the back seat of your car every time you need to use the indicator, wiper or even adjust the temperature - while driving! You probably won’t get a lot of passengers.

Having immediate access to your supplies and tools will definitely save you a lot of productive time and minimise the amount of disruptions on your daily tasks. 

Ensure you have the correct posture when sitting at your desk, in order to avoid back and neck pains, which might even lead to long term injuries. These are usually caused by incorrect chair and desk height settings.

It is best practice to make sure your elbows are at the same level as your desk (with arms parallel to the floor) and your knees forming an angle 90o. Your feet should be flat on the floor - whether you’re wearing heels or using a footrest.

In addition, your monitor should be placed where it’s most comfortable for your eyes and neck – usually between 18 to 24 inches away and the top of the screen not higher than your eye level.

To achieve the above settings, you may need to adjust the height of your chair and complement that of your desk using a monitor or laptop stand.

Desk setup tips to help organise workspace - with Rhodium Mines Notebooks

While sitting with the right posture is highly recommended, it is equally important to stress that sitting for too long is not good for the body. For instance, it’s been reported to slow down the body metabolism. Therefore, it is good to mix things up by standing regularly when working.

Whenever you’re standing, make sure you’re not stooping as this will mean a bad working posture all over again! Therefore, you may need to move to a higher desk or use one with adjustable height. You can check one out here.

Now that your desk is optimised for productive working, you might also want to have on it few personable items that give positive feelings and make you love to work there. Having a special affinity for your desk means you’re likely to spend more time on it - hopefully working and not just admiring the beauty of your set up.

You can have plants, a favourite photo, a motivational mug or any other item as per your preference. Just make sure you don’t overdo it to the point where they start causing distractions.

Bullet journaling with Rhodium Mines notebooks

If your notebook is an extension of your thoughts and imagination, then it should have a special place on your desk. This allows you to quickly access already captured ideas and write new ones down immediately.

In addition, if you use your notebook as a bullet journal, then having it within reach means you can keep up with your spreads and spice up your day with occasional scribbling and doodling!

7 desk setup productivity tips

Don’t forget that your desk setup is entirely dependent on what works best for you – of course without risking your wellbeing. If you want to know more about getting the best out of your desk setup, you can read this ebook by Matt Perman.

What desk set up works best for you and what are the fun items you keep on your desk? Let’s know in the comment section below.


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