At Rhodium Mines, we're never short of adventures. We believe life is a journey and we should just enjoy it, one experience at a time. Last weekend, we joined thousands of viewers in watching the latest video on the HowToGYST YouTube channel, where Laura shared how journaling has changed her life for the better. We have to say we were captivated and inspired in equal measures.

Laura @HowToGYST

Oh! A bit of introduction. Laura is the owner and content creator at With over 45 thousand subscribers and more than 3 million views (and still counting), her YouTube channel has become a regular destination for those looking to get organised, get motivated and live happier lives.

Journaling is a habit highly recommended by a lot of self-help experts, because of its many life-changing benefits. From self-awareness and daily recovery to helping us optimise our creative potentials; the benefits of journaling, as they say, cannot be overemphasised.

However, nothing compares to the power of a personal story. So, whether you currently keep a journal or not; Laura's refreshing content on the benefits of journaling promises to expose you to new possibilities.

There's never a dull moment with her, so brace yourself for a great time! We won't delay you 'cos we know you have a video to watch. So just click the link below and get inspired.

Happy viewing!

W A T C H   T H E  V I D E O   H E R E

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